Daokrak's Fall

This is the largest settlement of the Broken Fang Tribe. The settlement sits on the far eastern side of the crater and is the home to a population of around 800 Orcs and is the seat for all of the leadership members of the tribe.

The city is named for the large reptilian skeleton submerged in the lake that the city is built over. Three large plateaus jut out of the lake. These have been connected by large wooden bridges. The higher ranking/class Orcs live on the higher plateaus, while non blooded members of the tribe may not even live on one of the three plateaus at all and have to dwell on the banks of the lake itself. This natural set up, gives the Orcs a stout natural defense.

The agriculture of the Daokrak’s Fall is primarily done on the ground level, although there are stores of food on each level, and some small fields on the lowest plateau. There are many large farms on the lake level, the primary crops are corn, beats, and wheat and barley.

The Broken Fangs seem to have advanced knowledge of milling, and brewing, as they are able to make flour and baked goods as well as numerous alcoholic beverages.

Daokrak's Fall

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