Broken Fang Tribe

The Broken Fangs are a somewhat advanced culture of Orcs. They know fundamentals of forging, milling, and basic agriculture. The seat of their power is the city of Daokrak’s Fall. The Fangs revel in nature, and never take more than they need from the world around them. They are excellent scavengers and they teach their young at an early age to let nothing go to waste. (All players will gain a +3 when foraging regardless of the situation)

The Broken Fangs are named for their originating chieftain Brakka Brokenfang. He lead a large remnant away from the Black Face Tribe including the daughter of the Black Face chieftain. In honor of Brakka, when an Orc becomes a blooded member of the tribe, they must pierce themselves with Brakka’s non broken fang, filling a small cup with their blood, which is then used to paint the markings and runes of the tribe onto the skin of newly blooded member.

The current leader of the Broken Fangs Grazza has been leader for 17 years now, which is unheard of among an Orc tribe. Other Orcs of note include Black Gums, Wyrd the Seer, White Wind, Hagra, Kongral the Loremaster, Dengjakthe master obsidianshaper and Grazza’s mate Zyrla.

The Broken Fangs are constantly at war with Black Face Tribefor obvious reasons they do not like one another.

Broken Fang Tribe

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