The Colony

The Tower inside the Obsidian
the second task, continued.

The party descended the tower and found a room with several barrels marked with OIL which is Xd out and rewritten crudely “Baby Spiders”. They left the barrels alone and descended further, they found a large goblin named Picky preaching about a new god to his goblin cohorts. Telling them that this god would give them blessings and power but they needed to retrieve what he needed. Lews and River tried to bully him into believing that the Orcs were more important than his “new god”, but he refused to budge. Eventually the god spoke with Picky and made him bring the party before him.

A very old looking man with silver hair and a long flowing beard and mustache wearing was surrounded by flowing chains of fire. He told the party his name was Gilryan one of the three original prophets of The Theocracy… which also meant that he was claiming to be around 3,000 years old. Not everyone in the party trusted him, especially Melaine He told the party that if they could retrieve the 3 keys and unlock him he would answer any question they could pose him, but only one single question. He also said that the goblins had in their… eagerness to find the keys to please the god, had activated the towers security measures.

The party first came to a room with a glowing bridge over a deep chasm, they followed the bridge and into the next area where they found two large statues smashed to pieces, and thirty-forty pulverized goblin bodies. Past the next room they descended and found another area where it looked like a bridge could come across, they could look up and see the previous bridge as well, they learned how to make the bridges work and moved on to the next room. The next room had a large scale in the center of the room, and statues set in recesses around the room. There were a few words that Arianllyn Lloyd was able to make out of the ancient Giant writing, worth, souls, measure. Also written on the scales was a more direct translation of balancing the worth of the souls to find the path forward. The party eventually solved the problem and moved forward into a great library, there amongst the shelves they found the first key.

They continued on descending the tower, and came to another room with a massive book in the middle of it. The book had an inscription on the title page that said this book stores things valuable and deadly. Arianllyn Lloyd touched the first page of the book and became writing on the page, meanwhile being trapped in another realm with a shadowy creature, that appeared to be some sort of jailer for monsters. They agreed to a game of riddles with the winner being made to either give the party the key if Arry won, or Arry to go to the jail cell if she lost. The others were unsure of what was going on and Lews decided the best course of action was to burn the book. This irritated the jailer and he released multiple monsters to fight the remaining party members. Arry solved multiple riddles as the party fought off the slimy little monsters. Eventually the librarian, quite defeated at Arry (and the party) solving all of his riddles agreed to give the key to the party. Arry left a note inside the book with a riddle of which the answer is freedom.

The Execution and the next task.

Upon returning to the village, Sulmus began bragging about the battle with Kridash, claiming he slew the beast and beheaded it. His tale did not go over well with the village Chieftain who made him leave his sight while he pondered the situation.

Melaine spoke with White Wind, who after the death of Kridash was gravely ill, and hinted at something darker going on in the village, but felt it was not safe to say anymore than that. Then she asked Melaine to help end her life. At first Mel balked at the idea and tried to trick White Wind with a sleeping draught… but eventually gave her something to help her die peacefully and pain free. At that point they burned her hut as a pyre to help her get a proper ritualistic burial.

The party members were summoned to the highest plateau, and were made aware of the fact that Sulmus was going to be executed. Grazza gave several party members the chance to perform the execution, and Lews Tserobra volunteered. After several messy hacks, he severed the head from the body, and Sulmus’ body was thrown into the lake and not given a proper burial.

At this point Arianllyn Lloyd spoke with Hagra and received some information regarding the past of the village.

The party was summoned and were given a third task by Dengjak, they were to find out why the goblins were not bringing their normal shipments of obsidian. The party traveled north at which point they came to a rope bridge, they began crossing it and were accosted by a large group of goblins, the leader named Tenten. They talked their way out of the precarious situation on the bridge by convincing the goblins that a merchant with many goods to steal would be coming along anytime and that he was very powerful. Tenten decided to take his “guests” to his village and sent several of his men along with Lews Tserobra to wait for the merchant. Lews murdered all of Tentens men and ran to rejoin the group with a story of how the merchant had slain all of them and only he had escaped. Tenten was doubtful of his story and locked the party… err gave the party lodgings of which they were not permitted to leave. Melaine devised a plan that by poisoning Tenten they could make their escape. He was fooled and took the poison in the food they had prepared it in and left to his hut. The party picked the lock on the cage and freed themselves, the two stealthers Lews and Melaine both wandered around to get the lay of things. THey found Tenten highly intoxicated from the poison and stumbling around rambling. The party used this opportunity to escape the goblin village and headed north.

They came upon a massive pillar made of obsidian, and saw a basket lift up, the part ascended and noted that there was a recently vacated goblin encampment. They explored the area some and found that the goblins had apparently discovered some sort of building that had been covered over by the obsidian. The party decided to rest prior to entering.

The Blooding: The Madness of Kridash.
The Blooding, the first task

The party had horrible nightmares each member reliving the traumatic events that occurred the night of the massacre on New Marsagul. The characters were awakened by Zanne, and realized that the dreams they had been having were most likely due to being near River… as he seems to always cause them to have those nightmares. Sulmus and Edy are also in the group attempting to become blooded.

That evening they had their bodies painted in ceremonial blessings by White Wind. Also each party member had their face painted with an animal spirit rune. Sulmus was the viper, Edy was the Raccoon, Arianllyn Lloyd the Falcon, Lews Tserobra the badger, Zanne The Boar, Melaine The Crow, and River The Lynx. They feasted, Lews got himself fairly intoxicated and attempted to lure a young orc woman to his bed… only to end up frustrated. As the flames on the bonfire died down, Grazza told them that they would be getting their first task from White Wind. She requested that they hunt down the whereabouts of a large gathering party of about 30 Orcs that had gone missing, and also to check in on the village totemic, Kridash.

The party headed south towards the lair of Kridash, upon arriving there, they find the cavern empty and discover some slimy black goo that Lews Tserobra believes to be some sort of unusual mucus type substance, they also find the tracks of what they believe to be the gathering party. The tracks of both the gathering party and Kridash headed off to the south. Some time later they stumbled upon a corpse that had been torn asunder, it was a good 30 feet off the trail with no tracks around.

The party spent the better part of the day trekking south and as dusk began to fall they set up the watch rotation and began to sleep. During the early part of the first watch, Arianllyn Lloyd sees some flames flickering in the distance. Lews Tserobra and Melaine stealthily moved forward to find a party of Black Head Orcs camping, and by the looks of it not listening to their leader… and feasting upon the corpse of a Broken Tooth Orc. The party decides that Black Heads this far in Broken Tooth territory can not be tolerated, as well as not wanting to be harried by them if they tried to move past them. Even though their approach wasn’t entirely sneaky, the party made short work of the Black Heads with the exception of one that was cloaked in dark black robes who escaped. They remade camp a distance away from the site of the fight, and then heard the sound of many screams, followed by loud roars and growls.

The next morning the party headed in the direction of the sounds, and stumbled into a large old ruin. After exploring through the ruin and finding more of the black sludge, they came to a large Octagon shaped room and found Kridash and the remaining corpses of the Broken Tooth gathering party. Kridash appeared to be falling apart, black slime oozed from her, and they could see patches of rot and decay all around her body. The bear was obviously mad, she spoke in riddles and nonsense, speaking of removing the cancer that had been around for 20 years now. She rambled on and on. The party was able to make only little sense of it. Lews Tserobra and Zanne attacked, much to the dismay of some of the party members who felt she was still salvageable. The combat was fierce, and after a great deal of fighting several large worms burst forth from Kridash inhabiting the corpses of the Orcs scattered around the room, healing the great bear, or exploding the body in a gush of bone and viscera hurting everyone around them. Eventually she was beaten, and barreled through a wall before coming to rest. Sulmus rushed forward after doing nothing the entire fight, and beheaded the great beast, claiming his “victory”.

The party found that Kridash had knocked over a very large sarcophagus and found a beautifully crafted dagger made for a giant on the 23 foot long corpse. This was taken and will be utilized as a long sword. The party burned the corpse of the great bear, as well as the remains of the Orc gathering party, taking care that no worms escaped. The party left the ruin, noting its location, and the fact that it might very well be worth researching as it had a great deal of intact runes and architecture. The party prepared a camp, and rested following the brutal struggle.


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