The Colony:
Campaign rules:
Characters may be any class currently allowed to the game.
Characters may only be Human, Half-Elven, or Half-Orc.
Characters must be within the age of 17-24
Starting gear will be restricted, consult with the GM.

Campaign Backdrop:
This is the story of the children of a large group of colonists who had settled on an island named Furnas(for the massive dead volcano in its center). The colonists settled a port bound settlement and named it Saint Marsagul, after receiving a lot of pressure from the church about needing to be producing better results and locating more usable resources, about half of the colony was sent to the Furnas crater, which was thought to be a veritable treasure trove of natural resources. The new settlement was named New Marsagul and would struggle mightily for about two years before finally being destroyed completely.

As the village was being attacked, the former leader of New Marsagul, a Paladin by the name of Arahim, gathered up as many of the children as he could and barricaded himself in the cellar. They spent several days in the cellar, before there was a pounding at the door, Arahim knowing that they could not spend much more time in the cellar before running out of the little bit of food and water they had left, opened the door only to find another tribe of Orcs searching the ruins for survivors. They made it clear at once that they were not meaning to harm the survivors and instead offered them food water, and offered them shelter in their city Daokrak’s Fall. Of the 500 settlers that had left Saint Marsagul only 16 remained.

It is there you have been for the past 12 years, you have learned to work, and survive in theBroken Fang Tribe, many of you have friends, mentors and possibly more within the tribe. You are coming of age, and will soon be able to take upon the tasks for blooding yourself into the tribe and becoming a full fledged member. There is a large faction of the Orcs that believe the humans should not be able to become members, they are lead by Black Gums. Two of the human group had taken it 4 years prior and neither had returned.

((NOTE: Half Orc characters will be children to some of the older survivors of New Marsagul)

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The Colony

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